Coloured Pencil is where I am the most comfortable, it is the most rewarding medium for me. I use a process of layering and will use as many layers as the paper will take. I love intricate details and the control I can achieve with the pencils allows for that. Coloured pencil art is one of the most challenging art forms as it is nearly impossible to make corrections.

I started using Coloured Pencils when my kids were small and time was short, and fell in love with them. It has been debated by many on whether coloured pencil work is considered drawing or painting. The dictionary defines Paint as applying pigment, colour or paint to.. And drawing is defined as producing a likeness or representation by making lines on a surface. Either way I love them.

Sherry's Crystal Butterfly was featured in the Critique Section of Coloured Pencil Magazine.




Colored Pencil Magazine June 2014 Critique Section

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